About Us

Transforming African Retail

Bargnbay’s online marketplace connects vendors operating in traditional physical markets directly to bulk customers seeking to purchase goods – businesses, event organizers and households country-wide.

By empowering vendors with new customers, data and tools, and delivering value for businesses and households through convenience, affordability and reliability, we aim to:

  • Improve the livelihoods of thousands of vendors across Zambia
  • Boost economic growth by linking the informal sector to the formal economy
  • Revolutionize how goods are sourced in Zambia in a more efficient and inclusive way
  • Through technology and partnership, we seek to unleash the potential within Zambia’s thriving “economy of markets” for truly transformative impact.

Our Story

Bargnbay was established in 2021 by a team of founders with extensive knowledge in business management, IT, and expertise in informal markets.

Having witnessed the difficulties of procuring goods from Zambia’s vast informal markets, which cater to hundreds of thousands of households and businesses, the founders were inspired to create a solution.They realized that by connecting vendors operating within these markets directly to bulk customers through a digital platform, they could transform this system to benefit all stakeholders.

After 100s of vendor and customer interviews, and 3 major pilot programs, Bargnbay officially launched its marketplace app and website in 2021 with a team of 6 people and 50 initial vendors.

Since our beginning, we have rapidly scaled our platform and impact. Today we have over one thousand vendors listed and serve thousands of businesses and household customers country-wide.



At Bargnbay, we exist to bridge the gap between traditional, informal markets and the modern digital economy. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we enable small-scale vendors and farmers to easily access wider markets, while also providing customers with more convenient and affordable access to quality products. Our mission is to unlock the potential of these often-overlooked markets, drive economic growth, and empower communities around Zambia and Africa


Bargnbay’s vision is to create a more inclusive economy in Zambia and beyond by connecting informal traders to the formal economy through technology. Our goal is to provide access to a wider customer base for marketeers and farmers, who are often excluded from the benefits of the formal economy.

In the short term, we aim to increase the income of our vendors by providing them with a more efficient platform to sell their goods and services. We also aim to provide better access to goods and services for consumers, particularly those who face challenges reaching physical marketplaces.

At Bargnbay, our philosophy is centered around the idea of empowering informal market vendors to succeed and grow their businesses through technology. We believe that by giving them a platform to sell their products and reach a wider audience, we can help to uplift and strengthen local communities.


• Empowerment: We believe in empowering local vendors by providing them with the tools and technology they need to grow their businesses.

•Innovation: We are committed to using innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology to solve real-world problems and improve people’s lives.

Community: We are dedicated to building strong, vibrant communities by supporting local businesses and fostering connections between people.

. Trust: We value the trust that our customers and vendors place in us and strive to always act with integrity and transparency.

. Customer Focus: We put our customers first, always striving to provide the best possible experience and exceed their expectations.

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