Peach Sun Gold Premium


The Sun Gold Peach offers a sweet and tangy taste along with a subtle floral aroma. The fuzzy and velvety outer skin of the small round fruit ranges from yellow-orange to red. The juicy inner flesh is a golden yellow with a large inedible stone.In India, Peaches are commonly called Aadu, Pica or Alu in various languages. Peaches are great on taste and high in nutrition. They are a source of Vitamin D and a popular ingredient for salads, jams, and pastries.



  • Source of Vitamin D
  • Naturally free from Fat
  • Naturally free from Sodium (Source – NIN)

Health Benefits

  • Peach is naturally free from Sodium ; Diets low in sodium may help in reducing the risk of high blood pressure.
  • Peach is naturally free from Fat ; Diets low in saturated fat contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.

Shelf Life & Storage

  • Store fruits in the refrigerator
  • Shelf life – 5-7 days from delivery when stored under prescribed conditions

Despite our attempts to provide you with the most accurate information possible, the actual packaging, ingredients and colour of the product may sometimes vary Please read the label, directions and warnings carefully before use


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